Monday, November 23, 2009

newbies in blogspot. LOLz.

i suddenly realized the reason for the no-update of my blogs.
cos i doesn't know how to use wordpress la....
so now changed to this one. hehehe.
i am gonna turn 20 lu. got my 1st celebration alr fr my beloved foundation frens.
wahaha, thx u guys alot la ^^
wait i will update the pics here n fb soon. LOLz.
i am going langkawi neh.
who wanna buy chocolate? hehehe
its been ages since my last visit there. wondered how it changes.


  1. WOOO HOOO!!! I am the very first 1 to leave comment!!! got any prizes for the Very first visitor? SEE YOUR BLOG CAN LAST HOW LONG!! NGEK NGEK!

  2. Wahaha.
    yeah. got ppl come bong chan
    huh. prizes a? emmm....
    ok la. bong chan up to 10 times
    free 1 yam cha session.
    HAHAHA. such a good deal. lolz

  3. Choong Peng Hon
    u go ham qiong...... !!!