Friday, December 4, 2009

am i that dependent ?
came back kl yesterday.
i stayed home the whole day.
just for one day. y am i got a feeling that i'm all alone ?
daddy on holiday, he went back seremban for fishing .
mummy went office and badminton, came home at 7pm .
siblings went working and i was left all alone
but this is not the first time, isit when u used to be love
and when ur left alone the feeling will widen and take over ur heart ?
i did not follow daddy back cos i am waiting for him
which turned out to be nothing. am i that miserable to have to jz wait for things to happen ?
mummy came home without my dinner and i have ate only 1 mihun for a day .
thought its not big deal but i does feel like crying . so childish .
i dun even know what i wanted to express .
jz gotta post it out somewhere for i have no1 to refer to anymore .
maybe i should go back to kampar.... back to my computer and my yam cha's...
hmm, i wonder. hahaha


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2.'ve blog now!! what happen to the cbox? i cant leave msg am i suitable to disturb on this post?

    YINING, learn to be independent. You need that!! TRUE!! so free learn cook larr... I MISS YOUR OREO CAKE!!!

    btw who's the fren that scolded mh? he so fierce here. But it sound for ur own good!! free go fix the Cbox lar. i prefer leaving msg in cbox..more convenient ma