Wednesday, March 10, 2010

dang dang

wow. it's been a while since my last update.
lolz. haha never thought of updating...
but i am too free now, so just hanging around to share some of life.
to those who are interested. haha
i just found out that my house is so 'wong'
there are 4 of us living here and all are occupied.
but 2 of them are stepping on two boats once !
damn cool man, seeing different partner on and on. hahaha
bapu even said she saw wall lizard- bi hu making loves in our hse
which indicates our hse is too tooo damn WONG !
well, exams and assignmnts is taking over most of the times here.
which seemed to be so much stressful when your in final yr.
cos i doesnt wan to repeat !! NO WAY ~~~~
and my cutie coursemates created fake money for our mahjong games
hahaha cos its like our daily entertainment and losing real cash is so heart aching
so they came out wit a plan of using fake money instead of real cash.
but at last the one who won the most will get a free meal treated by those who lost !
isnt it cool ? hahaha way too creative man! lolz


  1. this is just to say
    it ain't cool at all

  2. cheh. hate u
    i think its cool ma.
    choi meh?! BLEKKK

  3. i buy you christ! want play jiu play money like tat not syok. LOL

    wey...go fix your chat box lar...cant leave msg!

  4. i dunno how larrrr