Friday, April 2, 2010

April 2th.

Now is 10.35pm and its a beautiful relaxing Friday
But not for us pity students that need to study off our ass for tmr paper.
Why do we need to have exams? Haha
Always back to the origin questions.
Why do college need to have those standards of grading and passing rate?
Isn't a test is just to test our capability and understanding?
All those standards applied will only make us .......
WAKAKAKAKA and that is exactly my planning for tmr.
For i hate calculation and i have been spending most of my days in front of my lovely comp!!
Hehehe, paiseh, but thank god i got a bunch of good friends that are so SELFISHNESS
so LOVING so CARING enough to let me copy. XP
BUT i also contributed by memorizing some of the theories part!
Good Lord please protect me to pass my last paper... ^^


  1. lol..
    y i dunno this blog one??
    u always change blog one hor??
    last time i think is msn blog one izit??

  2. if you're in UPM you'd be kicked out once caught copying

    and i'd be the first one always readily to report

  3. STEVEN : eh eh... msn tat one damn long time ago liao lo. this is the newest and latest one. wun change liao gua. haha but i did used alot be4 la.. blekk haha

    CHRIS : excuse me, do u know my lecturer walk out of the class for half of the period during exam time? haha his intention is to let us COPY! that's our UTAR midterm function... ~~~ :P