Wednesday, June 2, 2010


its the 3rd days of my new semester.
concentrating in classes is really energy consuming.
which i never knows cos i only choose to concentrate on 1,2 subjects for every semester.
and for the last semester in my study journey i decided to listened to all.
which is killing my brain man. haha. guess this is one of the way of training it?
why am i easily drift away from my so-called life?
one i was so certain of my life and my direction.
the next i would be like is this what i wanna do?
i gonna graduate in another half year.
most my friends got involved in multi-level marketing.
which i get exposed to currently and learned about their ability and exposure.
but still i cant make up my mind is this the path that i would like to choose?
and walk over it for the rest of my time?
or should i just stay obediently on my path and work like every others?
is there really no future for those 'da gong zai' ?
hahaha why am i felt tat i got tat passionate to somehow contribute to the society?
this is what we called 'fresh blood' i guess.
is it the money that matters most or what ur interest matter ??
MUAHAHA. somehow i seemed like talking nonsense...
just a way of me expressing myself.
i never promised myself anything cos i felt tat as long as i tried my very best it is done.
but now i gonna go for 3.0! WAHAHA.
and i am gonna work towards it!! :P
wish me luck ... all my dears. HEHEHE


  1. you've been thinking about your future for many years, but the very first thing to focus on is the 3.0!!! stop worrying about the future hahahahahaha

  2. got meh?
    i dint think about it also until now.
    when it is held right in front of me!
    ya la!! i will definitely get 3.0 !!!
    hngg... :P
    when i get it u are so dead.
    u owed me jogoya by then! WAHAHA

  3. Marilah!!! who scare who!!! You take 2.8 already thank god le...from now on 2.5 considered as fail ahh!! hahahahaha...i fong shui laaa 2.8 enough for a jogoya meal!!! I afraid 3.0 will be too high for you erh..!!! =p

  4. war, wanna use 'ji jiang fan' ...
    hngggggg. 2.8 enough for jogoya meal wo.
    u said one a. i tell u. hahaha
    i will work hard for it~~ MUAHAHA. :P

  5. 3.0 GOGOGO!!!
    wish u all the best & luck!!
    u can do it!!

  6. treat yourself an apple before 佛 starts to keep your energy going until 佛 finishes/you obtain a three-point-zero... and apple doesn't put on weight!

  7. Steven: yaya i will work hard for it oh. hehehe
    dun worry my dear. :P so do u. muz study hard ya~~

    Chris: it have been quite a while since my last apple.. i dun lik the taste of apple u know...
    not nice le.. wahaha