Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Blog before i dig in into my notes

On my way back to Kampar, i realized the way back is way longer as it is.
But the long endless and companion-less gave me a piece of calm mind
I guess i learned to manage my emotions better than i used to be ^^
As everyone will grows with time! I learned that there are more important things awaits in life.
Rather than what u have ever thought that it meant so much to u~~
And i am PROUD of myself man.
I wonder why i cant blog anymore. It's like i got nothing much to share with..
If i posted that i saw many animal corpses along the highway as i drive through,
and i grumbled 'amitofo' several times every time i saw one...
Would anyone be interested to know all this silly things??
But it is for my own pleasure of posting right?
Although i always said Kampar is a hell hole and how it disguised me.
But i know i would definitely leave with a heavy heart as it contained tons of my memories!
And the view of sunsets always able to amuses me!!! So, i gonna enjoy my remaining time left~~

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