Monday, April 5, 2010

grow as u lives

many incidents been crashing all over me.
though i enjoyed most of them... haha
but some unhappy things too... but i think i grew!!
haha cos instead of choosing to mourn all over it
now i decided to take it dealt it and learn from it..
all d lessons are meant to color up own life....
so even though crazy things happened, just embrace it!
avoiding will only gonna make things get even worse.
u just need a courage that cost u nothing to win back everything.
or avoid that is cost-free too but u will LOST everything!!!!

saturday - clubbing
sunday - friend birthday
monday - own made bbq at house
tuesday - ipoh 2 plus 1 for dinner
wednesday - sungkai hot spring
thursday - KL !!!!! HERE I COME! HOHOHOHO

lets upload some pics here. lolxxx

- Our very first THEME celebration of birthday.
- All banking and finance students.
- Clubbing at Simpang Pulai De Nest.
- Do u notice there's something colorful hanging around? LOLx


  1. no DDD......

    please Thursday don't come too soon, better yet don't come at all

  2. lol...
    i m jealous...
    so fun ya!!

  3. Chris: u dun envy me !!
    dun1 let thurs come. i kill u !!!
    WAHAHA, got ddd also not suit u la
    they all elder than us one ... u want find WOMENs?

    Steven: aiyo i though ur life getting better back there? hahaha everyday like this also damn tiring. cos u all not here alr ma. i mai go out play gao gao wit my frens lo :P hehehe

  4. Sweet heart, please study hard! XD

  5. yiii
    dun la lidis. hahaha
    sweetheart u work hard wo den.
    muax. cant wait to go singk tim. :P