Saturday, May 1, 2010


just got a msg from daddy yesterday.
he asked me to study hard and take good care of myself.
i know he's been worrying about me.
i promised him that i will study hard and take care of myself.
but am i doing so?
i dun even know... hahaha
maybe we should use our brain to live life instead of emotion.
if then i wont be suffering or tormented so badly now.
this is a path given to me and i must walk it strongly...
i am gonna behave myslf ~~~ i hopessss.
how to get rid of someone that u are already get used to it ?
isn't tat a good and worthy life philosophy to learn ? :P


  1. You need to have the brain of a man.
    Woman's brain is too complex.

  2. but i am a women.
    how am i suppose to think like a man?