Thursday, May 13, 2010

how to get rid of a habit?
how to find the lost you?
how to be more rational?
how to ever stay toughs?
how to stop worrying others?
how to walk over everything?
how to smile like ever?

i know i know - starting by appreciating things around ~~
and let times play its magic, let go things that is slipping away.
open your heart and start feelings.


  1. cannot be found already...

    the other dinosaurs were long dead before you...

    but you CAN do it! Dinosaur!

  2. ekhem.
    i wonder y u guys enjoying my nick name so much ya? hahaha
    as if it is addictive to u guys u know~~
    hahaha. celaka betul.
    blekk. means i am the only one on earth now?