Monday, May 17, 2010

out of no where~~

realized how forgetful i am.
i tend to forget all the things people said to me.
all the experiences all the advices they gave to me.
Jia once said knowing and understanding is one thing, but doing is another things.
but when i dun even remember those things how am i gonna even start doing it?
hmm, i wonder.
so i came out wit a solution, i gonna bring a note books along me.
whenever i come across interesting things that i knew it's meaningful.
or somehow will guide me through my lost times i would be able to refer back...
for my tiny whiny memories only last for a while.
i dun1 to forget all my past all those heartfull quotes that all my loves one gimme.
growing is a stage that one must pass through in life... which this came from no where.
i learnt how to be more rationale and held myself back and think twice.
gonna go cameron on this weekend wit my families.
it have been ages since our last trip or vacation together.
when all grown up it seemed like so hard to just get together.
but when u have the will and the heart, everything is possible~~~ HAHAHA


  1. shhhh! tell you one secret silently......

    because i get many ideas but often enough i forget most of 'em! it could be anything, anything as long as it's meaningful and inspiring, be it that come from yourself or peers. with a notebook (you need to carry a bigger one because you can't write anything in a too tiny notebook) you can always jot it down and refer it back at a later stage.

    shhhh! don't let anyone know about it!!!

  2. hmm. haha i went to genting and there is no place for my notes book. so instead i wrote down in my magazines. haha it does felt good able to expressing urself by jotting down whatever that crossed ur mind. and when u look back u'll realized how things have been and how you would react differently in back now.
    but i got no labby la. no money to buy one also. haha so i'll keep to my note book 1st ya.
    haha okok let keep this as our little secret~~